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Primary school Siniše Glavaševića - 70 years of work

            Organized teaching in primary school began on May 6 in 1938, as a result of the growing need for labour workers employed by the local factory. The workers who were settling to Borovo naselje often came with their families and children. The former factory director Tom Maksimović said: "I want the school to serve our youngest youth, to learn to appreciate it and love the land, provide  them a systematic work, teach them kindness and generosity, to be the pride of this country and their parents."

           In World War II the school lessons were held even at the time when an enemy army started plundering and destroying the school inventory. Finally, in recent months of the occupation, the school ceased to exist and the building became a military barracks and a hospital.
            As soon as the war ended, the school immediately began organizing its work. Educators and teachers were making great efforts to raise its reputation. The Teacher's and Educator's Council was hugely involved in reforming  the primary school to the new, substantially revised curriculum.

            By the proposal of the School Workers Council in 1955 the school was renamed after our prominent writer Ivan Goran Kovačić. Croatian Federal Country's Ministry of Education declared Primary school Ivan Goran Kovačić to be experimental in 1959, and was given a great importance, with the task of continuing to improve and modernize the process of training and education of pupils.

           In 1976 the School was announced as exemplary in Croatia (as a federal state, then) together with only five others. For its work in area of education as well as in participating in the socio - political organizations, the School has received recognition, as did individual teachers. Decorated by the President of the Republic, Liberation of Vukovar, Recognition of managers of Red Cross, Exemplary educator award, Golden Plaque, Diploma for aesthetic landscaping, Recognition by children's paper Joy from Zagreb and several others socio - political communities and societies.

            In the 80s, on the fiftieth anniversary of its existence, the collective of employees has received Ivan Filipović award, which to this day represents the highest recognition awarded by Croatian Ministry of Education and Sports.

          At the end of the school year 1990-1991, the School marked the ending of a five-year project of internal reform. In the category with four other schools, it has achieved the best results. Working conditions had been quite difficult, because the School numbered 1175 students, so the surplus students had to be assigned to a new school which is now the Third Secondary School. As soon as the approval of the continuation of the project had been obtained, Croatia's War of Independence started. During the years of war, a period called Krajina Government found itself in an unenviable situation: school building was destroyed and inventory looted.
A peaceful reintegration process started in 1997. At that time the school gradually became governed by Croatian authorities again.

            In the school year 2006-2007 the School numbers 510 pupils divided into 28 classes. That same year improvements to the school had started, and the next school year of 2007-2008  was marked by the re-entering of the old-new refurbished building, equipped with modern teaching tools and qualified teachers. The School eradiated  much love, warmth and openness, because a large number of parents and grandparents who attended it saw their children and grandchildren in the same pews where they used to be.


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